Environmental Management

Kaluworks Environmental certificate ISO 14001 brings the right tools for improvement and tells our company’s stakeholders of our responsible attitude towards environmental issues.

Implementation of environmental management system has helped to improve our processes and practices: for example, clear definition of responsibilities and our personnel’s skills and environmental awareness:

ISO 14001 certificate is also useful in terms of our brand building and in facilitating permits and government cooperation.

Benefits Kaluworks has achieved :

The Environmental Management System (EMS) has enabled the organization to reduce its environmental impacts, control all effluents, solid waste and scrap generated through processes thereby increasing operational efficiency.

The above controls and management is made possible through the use of the following plants and facilities:-

The purpose of an effluent treatment system is to treat the effluents in order to is suitable for discharge to the environment or reuse elsewhere in the process.

The effluent treatment method employs the following steps:
• Precipitation of impurities
• Separation of solids from liquid
• pH adjustment
• Oxidation

The objective is to produce an environmentally safe water from waste suitable for disposal or reuse. Kaluworks uses the treated sewage water to irrigate the company farm where very health, fresh vegetables are grown.

Solid waste generated from processes is first segregated and put in categories as indicated. Incineration is a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of organic substances contained in waste materials.

Flue gases from the melting Furnaces in the Caster and TTRF operations. contains a small percentage of Particulate matter like soot. The process removes then released to the atmosphere via a tall chimney.